The Autumn Man - Segments

10 parts. 10 different animators. One segment released each week.   


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Part 9
Shelton Jackson

Shelton Jackson is an illustrator/visual artist from Atlanta, GA currently living in Nashville, TN. He has an affinity for vibrant colors.


Part 8
John Dorsey

John Dorsey is a multi-disciplinary 2 + 3 dimensional artist based in Los Angeles - ever seeking new forms of creative expression.


Part 7

Osean is a vfx artist based in Atlanta and Tennessee, currently studying illustration at Watkins college of art.


Part 6

Winona is an advertising arts student in the Philippines who enjoys illustrating and animating in her free time. 



Part 5
Justin Dykhouse

Justin is a freelance visual effects artist within the Los Angeles vfx community.

In his spare time he reads, takes photos, sifts through VOD for hidden gems, makes music, cooks and performs live video art.


Part 4

KAJART is a collaboration of a practiced and creative duo based in Toronto, Ontario, specializing in Animation. Passionate about art and culture, co-founders Kajeh Mehrizi and Taravat Khalili are a couple of enthusiasts who love challenges, as well as creating unique visual art work. See more from KAJART: 



Part 3
Shawy Animation

Part 3 of The Autumn Man was created by Shawy in Paris, France.



Part 2
Klara Kovac

Part 2 of The Autumn Man was created by Klara Kovac in New York, New York. Klara grew up in a family of artists and designers in Stockholm, Sweden, but she's been working and creating in New York for over 4 years now. She loves typography, story telling and (much like Ben) loves cats. 


Part I
Denis Gnatovschi

Part I of The Autumn Man video was created by Denis Gnatovschi of DSG Design in Milan, Italy.. Denis is a man of the world! He has a passion for graphic design and works in 3D modeling and industrial design. Denis inherited a love for drawing and art from his parents from a very early age. We Smart Objects are hashtag blessed that Denis is a part of this project. Part 2 coming soon!

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